Quality Policy - Laboratory

It is the Quality Policy of the Laboratory to conduct its operations strictly in accordance with the requirements set out in this Management Manual and those in the HKAS Publications. The Laboratory will also comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 and ISO 9001: 2015.

Staff members concerned with testing, calibration and inspection activities within the Laboratory are required to familiarize themselves with the Management System and implement the policies and procedures laid down in this Manual and associated manuals accordingly.

It is the commitment of the Laboratory management to provide testing, calibration and inspection together with site testing & sampling services in accordance with stated methods and customers’ requirements.

The general objectives set out in the Management System are:

  1. To be recognized as a professional testing laboratory and inspection body undertaking its work with utmost integrity.
  2. To maintain a specified level of accuracy, impartiality, technical capability, and management ability when providing its testing, calibration, inspection, and reporting services.
  3. 3. To gain and retain confidence from our customers by maintaining quality in the services provided.

It is the responsibility of the Management Committee, led by the Managing Director, to ensure that the Quality Policy and procedures specified in the Management System are communicated, available to, understood and implemented by the appropriate personnel.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Manager to ensure that the Management System is developed and implemented properly and consistently, reviewed regularly and improved as required.

The top management will regularly review this Quality Policy to ensure that the effectiveness of the Quality Management System is continually improved and that the quality objectives established at relevant functions and levels within the Company are achieved.

Peter L.K. YU (Managing Director)
2 May 2023

To become a leading and preferable professional company in providing highest quality consultation services to our customers in civil, geotechnical and materials engineering construction, and testing of building and civil engineering construction materials.

Management Vision

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